Jen Schwanke, Ed.D.

Dr. Jen Schwanke is a longtime educator, teaching and leading at all levels. She is the author of four ASCD books, including the just-released The Principal’s Guide to Conflict Management. A frequent contributor to multiple educational publishers, Schwanke consults with districts and school leaders in the areas of school climate, personnel, and instructional leadership. An instructor in educational administration at Miami University of Ohio, Dr. Schwanke currently serves as a Deputy Superintendent in Ohio. You can find her at, on X at @jenschwanke, and on Instagram @DrJenSchwanke.

Thank you for your interest in professional development for your staff. I provide various options and formats, including keynotes, presentations, seminars, and workshops. With a positive, humorous, thoughtful presentation manner, I will bring energy and excitement to your organization while addressing  the difficult questions educators grapple with every day.

Consulting Options

Popular topics:

  • Shared Leadership
  • Supporting Teachers
  • Rethinking Data Usage
  • School Climate and Culture
  • School/Community Engagement
  • Staff Evaluations
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Collective Efficacy
  • School Culture
  • Teacher Morale
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Managing Conflict
  • Rebranding your School
  • Revamping Instructional Leadership
  • Reenvisioning Teacher Potential
  • Strategies for Work/Life Integration
  • Building Parental Relationships
  • Trust in Schools
  • The Art of Leading Leaders
  • Leveraging Instructional Coaches
  • Avoiding Burnout

Models (All Available Virtually or In Person):

Workshops are learning opportunities with groups of various sizes. Together we will capture a full day of learning, inspiration, and applicable strategies teachers, coaches, or administrators can use to plan for a great school year. Using concepts from any of my four books, attendees will be active, engaged learners and will come away with ideas they can implement immediately in their professional practice. Specific topics discussed will follow the interests and needs of the group. Format will combine consultant presentation, active problem-solving, workshop-style team work, and seminar-style reflection.

These multi-day events will help your leadership team address topics that are challenging to your school and district. Typically held over the summer, attendees will identify a “problem of practice” and explore solutions to bring change and energy to the work.

In a large group setting, keynotes will provide attendees with an uplifting and inspiring message of hope while also gaining important tips and tricks for the upcoming school year. We will discuss some of the challenges facing educators today and will consider how we can come together to increase their impact and joy. Topics will be tailored to the organization’s wishes, but typical coverage includes school climate, teacher morale, the concept of “support,” strategies for work-life integration, and ways we can take care of ourselves—and one another—as we do this important work.

These shorter sessions will provide intense learning on one topic, leveraging short bursts of audience participation to capitalize on collective knowledge and efficacy. Topics range and can be modified to meet the needs of the conference or session.

These sessions, typically with a small group of district or school leaders, will help channel a district/school’s needs into a comprehensive and year long learning program. Participants will leave with a specific tools and timelines for enhancing the work they do each and every day.

Principal Matters Podcast

The Principal Matters podcast is an excellent resource for school leaders, teachers, and district leaders. Together with William D. Parker, founder of the podcast and owner of Principal Matters, Schwanke serves as a frequent host and co-host, taking on relevant and timely topics affecting the work of school leadership. Join Will and Jen for a dynamic, engaging, and balanced voice that will support the work of all educators. Weekly episodes are 30 minutes— perfect for a commute to work or a long walk to relieve the day’s stress!


“Jen brings such a unique and caring approach to her Professional Development. She ‘gets it.’ She validates the challenges but brings us to a place of hope and optimism. The activities she organized were a nice balance to the strategies she presented. And she’s so funny!”

—Attendee, Ohio Women’s Leadership conference

“I cannot say enough about this presentation and Jen as a presenter. Excellent doesn’t seem like high enough acclaim. It was valuable, valid and I left with so many ideas. As a teacher who is passionate about leadership and leading/helping others, this was some of the best PL that I have attended.”

—Attendee, Developing Better Schools Institute, New Brunswick, Canada

“Jen is the Brene Brown of education.”

—Regular listener, Principal Matters podcast.

“I usually dread group professional development, but Jen found a way to make it feel personalized and applicable. She paced everything well, knew when to give us a break, and organized her content in a way that was manageable. Thank you!”

—Principal, Loudoun County, Virginia

“Jen is the best! This series was exactly what I needed in my first year as a principal!”

—Attendee, Principal Mentorship, Catholic Diocese of Louisville, Kentucky

“You don’t always get a balance of someone who both knows what she’s doing and can motivate people. Jen has a deep knowledge of how schools work, but she also inspires and invigorates her audience. This was an awesome day.”

—Participant, Learning Institute, Toledo Public Schools

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